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Meet Head Honcho – Donna Nugent

Hello there – I have been photographing my experiences and life since a teenager growing up in the country. As a kid Dad helped me set up a dusty dark room in one our horse stables! I love expressing myself through a lens and get a buzz out of capturing love, connections and light – natural dazzling out there light!

I understand most people do not enjoy being photographed – I am completely one of them! So I have a personable approach, always getting to know you, your vision and what you want your images to say about you - I make the process fun & relaxing, all while having a calm approach to make you feel at ease so that you can be in the moment and enjoy yourself.

I just want to meet rad people, hear your story, document it, see new places and chase the light!

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Why Indie Lane?

Donna and her team at Indie Lane crew ‘get’ people. They are switched on and perceptive. Like a laugh. They will understand what you’re after, and it will show in the photos they produce.

With our Weddings – Each wedding is unique, we are equally inspired by you, your stories and the people you surround yourself with.  We want to make an impact on your expectations, capture the moments and memories that you will have after your big fun party.  We tap into your wedding day dream without being obtrusive or controlling.  Our easy, outgoing style will inject the calm you need, both in the lead up to your wedding and on the big day.

Check out some of our wedding TESTIMONIALS from our amazing couples! – Link here…

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Let’s get together

Donna would love to chat over the phone or meet in person - let’s talk about your vision and what you’d like to get out of your professional photography.

From a gazillion boxes to tick with planning a wedding to a bunch of website requirements you need for your business - I ensure all correspondence & meetings are personable and enjoyable.  I want you walk away having the trust and support that we will work closely with you to achieve a great representation of your personality, love story or brand.

Please contact Donna on 0400 815 182 or fill out an enquiry at page > CONTACT US TODAY…

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Testimonial on a blog feature from one of my brides Liz :)

Donna Nugent from Indie Lane Photography was their photographer.  “She was beyond amazing! So down to earth, calm, casual, very fun and with playful ideas. It turns out that Donna went to school with Michael’s sister, so there was a lovely connection there. Donna was also in the midst of moving to Torquay, where we lived for a year, so we all had a common love of the Great Ocean Road. She was a very chilled out, fun, wonderful photographer.”

See the Blog post on Polka Dot Bride - http://www.polkadotbride.com/2016/08/charming-hinterland-farm-wedding/