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Please send us some details to arrange a quote for your professional photography requirements.  

We offer detailed photography rates, based on hourly, half day and full day rates.  All rates include the image editing time required after the photography session.

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We also work from a creative Studio space in South Yarra that offers the following facilities.

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The heart of the building, our cyclorama measurements are impressive:

Width: 6.2m

Height: 3.3m

Depth: 5.1m

That’s roughly enough space to shoot a football team

The studio features:

  •  3 Elinchrom studio lights, soft-boxes, barn doors, gels and honeycombs
  •  Black-out curtains for complete shoot privacy
  •  Make-up room with full-width mirror, two light rails and 6 power outlets
  •  Shoot producer/client lounge area
  •  5.1 Surround Sound with iPod or iPhone connectivity
  •  Projector (HDMI connection)
  •  Wireless Internet
  •  Professional steamer, dual rail clothes rack, hairdresser trolley
  •  Access to chill-out area with table tennis, couches and kitchen.