Torquay Photographer Donna Nugent – specialising in Commercial, Portrait and Wedding Photography

Professional Photography of People, Events, Brands, Products and Fashion labels

Donna Nugent, the owner of Indie Lane Photography based in Torquay on the Surf Coast, loves expressing herself through a lens and gets a buzz out of capturing the essence of people and brands in natural light!

Many people don’t like being photographed, therefore Donna is talented to get in tune with her clients to help relax them, be natural in their photos, have fun and enjoy the experience. She has a personable approach, always getting to know each client and their vision so her photos communicate the clients’ personality or brand in a vibrant way.  Here photography is taken using natural light, unique environments or outdoors spaces, instead of a studio.

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What is Donna’s Core Message

• Freedom, Creativity & Authenticity
• Connecting with people to tell their story and shine a light on them to express the beauty she can see in a person or business
• Captures the soul of her clients’, showing their passions and there is a truth in her images that can be felt.
• A camera is just a tool for her work – The magic happens in the connection with the subject

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Why work with Donna

• She is one positive soul, loves telling stories in a happy way, sees the best in people and get’s excited about entrepreneurs who are passionate and driven – Donna easily connects with people and can tune into who they are, help them to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience.

• Donna helps her clients enjoy the process so they can be excited about their images and be eager to share their photographs with their clients

• Lets the natural environment and natural light to help tell the story

The love of chasing light…..  


Please contact Donna on 0400 815 182 or fill out an inquiry at page > CONTACT US TODAY…

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Future plans – close to the heart

• Donna is starting to explore teaching younger kids photography – so they can start to live their own creative truth and get clear on their passions early on in life. Helping them to create a life they love and express themselves through this art form